Jeff LeClair

Global Logistics Development Manager
Global Supply Network

Mr. LeClair is a Supply Chain and Manufacturing Executive leader with 30 years of expertise in lean operations and extensive transformational experience in all aspects of international supply chain and business. His experience spans two industry leaders with both Toyota and Caterpillar, with his roots firmly based on the Toyota Production System.

Jeff's passion is to engineer End to End Supply Chain collaboration processes to coordinate synchronization of customer, supplier and logistics partners to help companies reach their goals through improved performance, programs and processes that increase their profitability, productivity and competitiveness. He believes Value is added through the positive interaction with executives and senior functional leaders at customers and partners and through significant liaison with academic and consultative leaders in the Supply Chain and Logistics fields.

His mission has always been to build high-performance teams and broaden the understanding of a total cost value stream approach to substantially reduce costs and create a competitive advantage through a†comprehensive Lean Business Systems business re-engineering approach. He is a recognized industry expert in Supply Chain and logistics and a frequent speaker at conferences.