ProMat 2015

McCormick Place South
 | Chicago
March 23
-26, 2015
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive

On-floor Seminars

The Value of Software Intelligence and Integration to Leverage Automation

Sponsored by Viastore Systems

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  • Seminar Number 106
  • Date Monday, March 23, 2015
  • Time 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Theater B
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Presented By

Nancy Malone - US Software Sales & IT Consulting
Viastore Systems
407-719-6257 (w)


What You Will Learn

As the mechanical portions of automation (the conveyors, sorters, and AS/RS, etc.) have become more or less similar from the various manufacturers and suppliers, it’s the Software that has moved to center stage becoming the brains of the entire operation. As software technology offerings become more intelligent or in many cases “age” in operational facilities, supply chain and technology leaders are becoming more aware of the need to upgrade their software, to avoid costly downtime, reduce increased support costs and remove aging technology that remains prevalent in the marketplace. But upgrading equipment, as well as the software itself can be costly, not to mention you also cannot afford disruptions or downtime, as you have to continue to service your customers. Additionally, recent changes in consumer buying patterns (think Omni Channel) are requiring all companies who want to stay competitive and serve their ever demanding customers, to change, adapt or lose market share. Intelligent software leveraged properly, connects equipment to people and processes, and offers visibility into daily operations enabling the capability to manage by exception, and quickly react to change. Intelligent, flexible software is also allowing disparate facilities across your distribution network to utilize the same solution to lower costs, increase throughput, leverage either current or future use of automation, reduce headcount and reduce the learning curve among your workforce. Intelligent, adaptable software can manage all types of facilities from conventional, manual operations all the way to complete ‘lights out’ automated facilities. This presentation will discuss the role that software needs to play in your supply chain operation, and how integrating software with the mechanical equipment and processes is where your software needs to be.

Key Takeaways

1 What the latest software offerings bring to your overall material handling automation operation
2 How you can add intelligent software to your existing system to increase results
3 The value of upgrading your older software and the benefits you can achieve


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