ProMat 2015

McCormick Place South
 | Chicago
March 23
-26, 2015
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive

Press Release

EuroSort – New Flex-Drive System

EuroSort Inc.

Join EuroSort at ProMat 2015 (March 23rd – 26th) in booth #1541 to be introduced to the newest addition to our offering, the EuroSort Flex-Drive System.  This unique drive platform will be on display for the first time in the US.  

The revolutionary design of the EuroSort Flex-Drive System presents significant advantages for design and implementation of the EuroSort Bomb Bay and Push Tray Sorters.  Those advantages include the ability to change elevations, to have an infinitely long sorter (no limit on length), to have both left and right hand turns, lower power consumption, and shorter project lead times.

Perhaps most significant advantage of the EuroSort Flex-Drive System is the inherent downtime prevention provided.  Each sorter is driven by a set of Flex-Drives distributed along the length of the sorter.  If a drive fails or needs to be maintained, that drive can simply be taken “offline” without stopping production.  

For operations that require a large number of sort destinations to go along with their high volume, such as e-commerce and Omni Channel Distributors, the EuroSort Flex Drive represents a unique opportunity to create the perfect mix of flexibility, space efficiency, and high throughput.

Based in Owings Mills, MD (near Baltimore), EuroSort is providing sortation solutions for some of the world’s largest distribution and fulfillment companies.  EuroSort solutions are responsible for improving the productivity, accuracy and efficiency in a variety of applications including order fulfillment, reverse logistics, receiving, postal sorting, store replenishment and order assembly.  For questions, please contact Nick Herbon – – 562-282-2209 –

For more information please contact:

Nick Herbon
EuroSort Inc.

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