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March 23
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Press Release

Pony Express rides again to eliminate injury

Electro Kinetic Technologies, LLC

Electro Kinetic Technologies, Inc, announced the introduction of the Pony Express 2100, its latest ergonomically designed motorized cart for the safe handling of large gas cylinders. The Pony Express eliminates the potential injuries incurred during the three basic functions involved in the handling and delivery of large gas cylinders:

  • Connecting/stabilizing the cylinder to the cart.
  • Loading and unloading the cylinder.
  • Maneuvering the cart on a variety of terrain.

Ray Erbe, president of Electro Kinetic Technologies, explained the seriousness of the problem and the need for this patent-pending cart. “According to industry sources, the handling of large liquid gas-filled cylinders weighing between 750 – 950 lbs only accounts for one percent of all deliveries. This does not appear to be big problem until you understand that from this one percent come 85% of all injuries associated with the delivery and movement of all gas cylinders.”

Delivery people currently use manually operated handcarts requiring extensive physical exertion to attach, load/unload and move the heavy product. It only takes 35 lbs of push-pull force exerted to cause serious musculoskeletal injury. Manual carts require much greater physical exertion, exposing the delivery person to injury and the company to workman’s comp claims. “The cost associated per claim is between $25,000 and $35,000, not including increased rates, replacement worker training and other related costs,” Erbe said.

The Pony Express 2100 eliminates the hazards normally associated with these heavy gas cylinders by incorporating several patent-pending features. The cart automatically attaches to the cylinder without the need for the delivery person to twist in awkward positions or use their body as leverage for loading and unloading. Finally, the motorized cart maneuvers easily through congested areas and uneven surfaces, keeping worker and product safe.

To learn more about the Pony Express Motorized Cylinder Cart, visit the Electro Kinetic Technologies booth at ProMat 2015, #137 or visit the company website: For a faster response, contact Ray Erbe, President of Electro Kinetic Technologies at 262.250.7740 or email

For more information please contact:

Raymond Erbe
Electro Kinetic Technologies, LLC

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