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March 23
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Press Release

Destuff-IT™ Unloaders & Restuff-IT™ Loaders

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

A Better Way to Handle Container Contents

Destuff-IT™ Unloaders and Restuff-IT™ Loaders are unique in the market place. Used by workers tasked with manually handling product into and out-of containers and trailers. They are unique solutions that optimize worker and conveyor position from floor to top of container.

First launched by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) in 2009, these machines have undergone continuous improvement for enhanced performance, reliability and features. They are currently being used in warehouses, distribution centers and third party logistic organizations in several countries. Benefits of the machines include: productivity gains, increased efficiencies and reduced worker injuries.

Dr. Steve Lavender of the University of Ohio is currently conducting an ergonomic study focusing on the benefits of both the Destuff-IT™ Unloader & the Restuff-IT™ Loader. The study measures and qualifies ergonomics and efficiencies. It is being conducted in selected industry sites in Ohio, USA.

Case Studies for several Destuff-IT™ units have been developed and customers have been very willing to share their results with ELS. These studies assist in not only understanding real numbers relating to investment returns, but also highlight ELS’s wide customer base. “As far as unloading at inbound docks, it is realistic to achieve a 900/hour or higher case rate”, says Richard Kat, VP of Sales & Marketing for ELS. This has a significant effect on all productivity for the distribution centre team, impacting scheduling, storage, facility docks and floorspace allocations.

In a client testimonial about a Destuff-IT™ installed August 2014, David Hart (Production Manager) commented, “I honestly mean this when I say, this is the best investment we have ever made in the QA and Receiving area, and I have been with the company for 26 years! We absolutely love it! I honestly think that we can unload a container in 1 hour once we really get the hang of it. Our normal unload time is right about 3 hours the way we were doing it [pre-Destuff-IT™ installation].”

As a result of increased interest and growing sales, ELS is expanding manufacturing capacity to accommodate demand. “For more than 4 decades, our company has been part of Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada)”, said Kat. “We are committed to our products, customers and employees. We are excited to expand our facilities again and look forward to continued success in the years ahead.” 

ELS has attended supply chain and logistic tradeshows for the past three years to showcase these innovative products and gain insight into market demands. In 2015 ELS will again attend Promat in Chicago, IL and will be exhibiting the most current model of Restuff-IT™, a machine that has bi-directional capabilities.

Upcoming webinars related to product description, ROI calculation and other topics relating to the Destuff-IT™ will be available as listed on

For more information please contact:

Richard Kat
Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

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