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Press Release

Quantronix Debuts the New CubiScan® 25


Quantronix, Inc. proudly introduces the CubiScan 25, an innovative dimensioning and weighing system designed to specifically measure and weigh smaller, irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging and warehousing applications. The CubiScan 25 integrates infrared sensing technology to measure smaller, individual items as well as many smaller boxed and case-pack items, in one comprehensive cubing and weighing system. The CubiScan 25 combines powerful sensing technologies to create a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications.

The CubiScan 25 Advantage
The CubiScan 25 delivers a powerful dimensioning solution for challenging applications such as on-demand box making and measuring small, odd-shaped items and boxes for pharmaceutical, health and beauty aid, and book publishing distribution applications and more.. The release of this revolutionary dimensioning and weighing system result in a higher degree of measurement accuracy. The CubiScan 25 is designed to maximize storage space and enhance cartonization methods, which can reduce the use of packaging materials and potentially decrease rising shipping costs. It can also benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste and minimizing transportation fuel costs and carbon emissions.

CubiScan 25 Specifications
The CubiScan 25 has a measurement capacity up to 18 x 12 x 12 inches with a measurement accuracy of 0.05 inches and weight resolution of .005 lbs. CubiScan’s proprietary software, Qbit™, delivers menu-driven operator controls, data storage/transfer and diagnostics, all with a convenient touchscreen interface. A mobile cart and useful accessories, such as a portable power supply, handheld barcode scanner are available to create a completely mobile cubing, weighing and identification work station.

About Quantronix
Founded in 1987 and located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Quantronix specializes in the development, manufacture, distribution and sale of cutting edge automated dimension scanning products. With thousands of installations worldwide, Quantronix has established itself as the global leader in integrated cubing and weighing system technology. Businesses in a diverse range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware and almost all types of consumer goods distribution, rely on Quantronix products, including the advanced CubiScan 25, to meet their most demanding dimensioning requirements.

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Justin Headley

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